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Grief and Euthanasia Services

Pets are an important part of our every day lives.  They get us through the good and the bad times and love us no matter what.  But no matter how much we love them, unfortunately we know these cherished family members have a shorter life span than we do.  Saying good-bye to our pets is never easy, but you don’t have to be alone during this process.  We at Holly Pike Animal Hospital are here to help you and your pet get through this emotional time.

Facing the euthanasia of a beloved family pet can be a very emotional time for family members and other pets in the home.  Your pets depend on you to make the right choice for them even when it isn’t the easy choice.  If a pet is no longer enjoying life due to sickness or age related problems, it is up to a responsible and caring owner to make the toughest decision they may ever have to make for their pets well being. Pets can’t tell us what is wrong and often do not show us the full impact of their condition until it is in advanced stages because it is in their nature to sustain the normal.  Ask yourself, “is my pet in pain” and “is this pain or illness causing poor quality of life for my beloved pet?”

Once the decision has been made we are here to help make this sad and emotional time as easy and comforting as possible for both you and your pet.  Remember you are not alone and we are here to help. We offer services such as communal and private cremation for your convenience.  With communal cremation you do not receive your pet’s ashes back, while private cremation ensures that you get your pets ashes back in a hand crafted wooden urn.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact our office, a caring team member will answer any questions you may have.

Mourning a deceased pet is natural for both humans and other pets.  It is important to realize that your other pets in the household may mourn the loss of their friend just as much as you do.  It is natural to feel loss and sadness when one of our pets passes away whether it is by natural causes or not.  No one is able to tell you when the grieving will or should end, but if at any point you feel that the grieving process becomes overwhelming you may want to consider seeking professional help.  There are many online resources to help pet owners cope with the loss of their beloved pets.  For more information please visit one of the websites listed below.

www.aplb.org – Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

www.petloss.com – Pet Loss Support



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